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Ribeira de Alcalamouque


A new albergue in town, located in the basement of the community center. ATM and mini market in the first square you get to. Friendly bar.


This gravel path is part of an old Roman road, and the arrows have disappeared. Just keep on straight. When it arrives at a paved road, turn left. But DO NOT stay on this road all the way back to the N347. The arrow is gone, but when you get to a curve in the road, the track to the right is the one you want. That curve in the paved road is 300m from the visible N347, so if you get as far as the main road, you can either retrace your steps or walk the N347 into town.


The tower which gives the town its name (from the Arabic Al Burj) is no more. 

The Road

Facing the crucifix side of the church, turn right towards the main road (newly cobbled) and turn right onto that road. You should now have a large modern building on your left (the community center and albergue), and you will be going downhill. Continue to the first road and turn left there, downhill.

The camino will bring you to the N347, which you follow to the left for a very short distance.

It then turns right onto a gravel path.

Accommodation in Alvorge
Camino de Santiago Accommodation: Albergue de Peregrinos


Camino de Sant…

There is a short cut than rather following the dog leg on the map. Go straigh past the church.

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This albergue has everything i needed.
Nice beds,
Clean showers,
Friendly looking room.
Im sleeping well tonight

Camino de Sant…

The town is very small. There is a private albergue at the entrance of the village and another one at the church. There is a small supermarket where you can find the basics but it’s a bit more expensive than usual.


There is a new Albergue which opened a day after I passed! Looked nice!


Just 1 km off-track from Alvorge is Casa Vale Do Florido, outstanding hospitality, convenient Cafe w/ dinner and breakfast. Beautiful location. Might need your GOS to get here but it is wonderful!


[2021 Aug 23] There is a new albergue in town, just after the camino enters Alvorge, on the left. Nice accomodation (price is around €13), but no kitchen. Washing clothes by hand is no problem. Pilgrim menu in the restaurant for €7.5, with 2 big slices of pork (vegetarian option is also available). We had a very nice stay here.


[2021 Aug 21] I can confirm that the new albergue is open! Very nice and modern, bunk beds with curtains for privacy. Pilgrim menu in the café next door.