Béduer → 6.40 → Le Puy Clavel → 1.70km → Gréalou

To end of camino
Accommodation in Le Puy Clavel


Camino de Sant… (not verified)

Very proper, all super organized (of course if you don’t like that style it can be a bit strict) ; I loved the garden and the food …

Camino de Sant… (not verified)

They only open at 15h30 and on a 35°C day they let us wait in the garden for 2h, in this heat pilgrims arrived early of course. No flexibility from their side. When we got inside finally the landlady gave a speech like a school teacher to somewhat retarded kids, stating the obvious.too many rules. They usually have groups here, yoga classes... they cram too many people into the house/the dormitorios. Then at 16h everyone wanted to unpack their backpacks at the entrance area, wanted their showers at the same time... the food was excellent, but honestly a pilgrim doesn't need everything to be 'bio', but a shower and a bed, if possible on arrival and not at hours later.