→ 6.90 → Tábara → 13.60km → Villanueva de las Peras

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Negozio di alimentari
Centro medico

Tábara’s municipal albergue is one of the not-to-be-missed albergues on the whole of the Vía de la Plata.

Il cammino

If you entered Tábara you have two options to return to the camino. You can return to the camino where you left it, or if you stayed at the Municipal albergue you can follow the alternate route from there.

The camino between here and Santa Croya offers two options, both of equal length. The original and more scenic route turns right and passes through Bercianos de Valverde, however with the shuttering of the bar there this route has fallen out of favor with pilgrims. It has been replaced with the left route, which heads directly towards Villanueva de las Peras.

Accommodation in Tábara



The gentleman who runs this, has traveled himself the Camino many times. He writes poetry and art on the Camino. This guy is beyond selfless and the ultimate host. He only speaks Spanish and don’t let that be a barrier. If you walk the Camino and view it as a humble path.


How on earth is the Municipal Albergue given the title here as 'not to be missed'?? I walked up to see it which is almost a kilometre from the centre, had a look at the dorm which I can only describe as prison-like and somewhat depressing - The owner seemed annoyingly over-eager - I saw in the distance another room with some books, maybe that was better - in any case - a weird vibe and didn't stay - opted for the for the easy going Albergue in the centre.