5.80km → Llanes → 3.00km → Póo
San Roque del Acebal → 4.30km → Llanes → 3.00km → Póo
To Santiago: 

On the way into town you cannot help but notice the number of large Casas del Indiano. Most are well preserved, much like the old town center. Together they are the reason that tourism in Llanes remains so popular.

To the south are the Cantabrian mountains and the limestone caves which give culture to Cabrales, Spain’s finest blue cheese.

Take the time to wander among the throngs of tourists; many of who will also be getting turned around in the web of narrow streets trying to visit the Basílica Menor de Santa María de la Asunción de Llanes and the Capilla de Santa Ana.

Il cammino: 

The camino enters Llanes from the south along the Avenida de la Concepción and continues along it all the way to the Río Carrocedo. At the river, the streets are mostly for pedestrians only and the camino does not deviate from the road, it follows along through several name changes and the old town and passes the train station on the way out of town. Shortly after it leaves the road and turns left to cross the railway and continue along a path to Póo.


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Photo of Llanes on the Camino de Santiago

Accommodation in Llanes


Camino de Santi... (not verified) said:

On the way to Llanes, we saw a sign for an albergue not listed on the app. It is called, La Senda de Peregrinos, and it is just for pilgrims! It is clean, organized, they even provide little tubs that you can fill with sea water to soak your tired feet. The husband provides free shuttle service to town so that you can check out the sites in Llanes. And picks you up a couple of hours later. There is food available and hot showers, and the staff will wash your clothes in their washing machine and then you can hang it up to dry. Cost? 10 euros food is extra but at a good price.

Camino de Santi... (not verified) said:

Stayed at Pension Guia right on the main square for 30 Euros. Clean and very nice