Camino de Santi... (not verified) said:

The French woman who runs this place is mean, nasty, and rude. My friend and I had our bags sent there last week, fully intending to stay there. When we arrived, the place seemed gloomy, and we were tired so wanted to split a private room. We asked if she had rooms. She said in French (I do speak French) that only French was spoken. Then she said no room. I asked if she knew of a place around that had rooms. She responded "how should I know?". So we picked up our packs and started leaving. She yelled at us saying if we didn't stay we had to pay her 3€, this was not a depot. I told her this never happened before and it's not written anywhere. She said it wasn't her problem. My friend refused to pay so we walked out. She ran after us to the sidewalk threatening that if we didn't pay, we would never find lodging between there and Santiago. I knew that she couldn't do anything. She didn't even have our names. Nevertheless, I gave her 3€, figuring she needed them more than I did. I didn't want her to scream and screech anymore. That was so bizarre and against the spirit of the Camino. Thought I'd share this ugly experience. Beware. If that was how she acted over the bags, I gave to wonder how good the service would be when we needed something. She did speak English when she wanted the money by the way.