Camino de Santi... (not verified) said:

Having traveled most of my adult life and currently walking my 4th Camino I have NEVER felt so appalled/unwanted and repulsed.
I arrived and the place was all locked up, should have got the message at this point, when “Francesco” did finally turn up after 2 phone calls he was unpleasant and mumbled something about us being early and having to lock the front doors behind ourselves.
The bathrooms had pubic hair in every place. The bedroom was well like a prison cell. And the man that “served” us was the worst excuse for a host ever. Angry, Miserable, rude, and many more bad things. I “ate” my food kind of. Paid for the room and dinner and left, managed to find a ride to a local town and back the following morning from some kind locals.
This morning I woke with a sick stomach from the food.
It is the only time I have ever done this.
Quite honestly my worst ever hospitality experience.
you have been warned.