Camino de Santi... (not verified) said:

This is only my opinion and experience.

When I arrived at 2pm there were heaps of pilgrims sitting outside “waiting” to go inside. The couple running it were lovely people, but perhaps a little unorganised !!! They handed out papers if you saw them or you found them, which was very confusing and annoying - no orderly line, no numbers on slips. So waited for about an hour - for a simple check in process which is just paying and stamping your passport - should take about 3mins?? They were moving at a very slow pace - so after a hard long day walking it was very frustrating!

That was the cons. PROS: it had s lovely pilgrim community vibe, a kitchen, a porch, place to hang clothes out in sun, a vending machine with cold beer and anything a pilgrim could need inside.

Kitchen closed at 9pm so if you went to mass you needed to cook before really.
Phone charging is outside dorm room and limited. One big room, but earplugs and mask and it’s all good!