Camino de Santi... (not verified) said:

I liked this place at first. The hostess was friendly. There were several showers and toilets to accomodate many at one time. The kitchen was very nice and the place was clean. There are nice laundry drying lines and a washing machine or hand wash area. The courtyard was very spacious and a nice area to socialize. My problem was the obnoxious 20+ children and chaperones that showed up. There was no adult telling them to settle down and they were beyond loud. I realize this is a business and she wants her place full. However, I think if you primarily host peregrinos, your other guests should be required to follow the same rules as the pilgrims. Quiet and respectful. Those children ran up and down the halls banging into doors. They sprayed the shower area everywhere as they were having water fights with eachother and they didn't settle down until 10:45. If you want a good nights sleep, stay somewhere else.