Camino de Santi... (not verified) said:

Take a detour here! The Albergue/Bar is fantastic. The owners were so sweet and kind. If you take the green route you are in for some excellent views and seclusion. No other pilgrims took this route when we were there. It is a climb, but it you are rewarded with views for basically this whole section. It is worth it. It was hot for us, so we went to Pradela for some water and rest. The owners were so unbelievably kind. They were in the middle of their own lunch and they put it totally aside to help us. We stumbled in overheated, exhausted, and in need of water. The prices were good and the food was amazing! We had a goat cheese salad and cheesecake. The owners make their own chestnut syrup using the trees nearby. They drizzle this syrup all over the cheesecake and it is perfect. The salad was huge and very good. While we waited they let us fill our bottles from the kitchen sink repeatedly. We ordered lemonade and the owner made us a gigantic and delicious pitcher. After we ate the owner insisted on calling to make a reservation for us in Trabadelo, where we planned to stay. She also gave us to mini shots of their homemade chestnut liquor. I have never had anything like it. It was delicious. it was sort of like a sweeter syrupy whiskey, but with an amazing flavor. My husband does not like whiskey and he still loved it. If we had stayed overnight we would have ordered a few drinks of this. They were so generous and kind to us. This little gem is worth the detour off trail. The owners were just so kind and the food and experience we had for lunch was great!