Camino de Santi... (not verified) said:

Helena greeted us with a “take your shoes off and put those on”, not a very warm welcome after having walked 27 kms in the heat, tired and sore feet. The accommodation was clean but basic. Having been followed by a dog, we were scolded for encouraging it to follow us, which was far from the truth. We did not want to let the dog into the property, she insisted it come inside, gave it food and drink, then expected us to take it the next day, 7 kms along a very busy and dangerous stretch of the road to Golega, to drop it off at the animal shelter without a collar, lead or anything to lead it along the road. When we didn’t do this, having left her money for petrol so she could take the dog in the car, she posted a response to say we were dangerous pilgrims and to watch out for us! We had no idea where this shelter was, we were concerned for the dog and driver’s safety, which is why we didn’t take the dog. I would not recommend this establishment.