Camino de Santi... (not verified) said:

Can be reserved ahead over WhatsApp - they make sure you don’t forget with posters every 1 km! However I expect only people who reserve ahead out of panic that it will be full due to all the adverts actually stay here... with good reason! Clean and nice rooms (even some double beds, but these are just all together in another dorm). There is a small supermarket in the village to buy food. The Albergue provides dinner and breakfast at a large extra cost which they almost force upon you. Beyond this, everything costs money. 3 euros PER PERSON for the washing machines (no dryer), 1 Euro for a blanket. The kitchen is private and not available for pilgrim use and furthermore there is no communal area to sit and eat. The bathroom is mixed and the showers have glass doors, girls are stuck brushing their teeth next to a urinal. Additionally it is forbidden to wash clothes in the sinks or showers (and you have to shower before going on your bed!). This Albergue is a money making business with only financial gain at heart. Not so bad as a last resort but a bad atmosphere for pilgrims.