→ 6.00 → Rionegro del Puente → 9.30km → Mombuey

To end of camino
The Road

The camino leaves Rionegro on the north of the N-525 and soon later it crosses over the A-52 to follow a rural track until reaching the gas station and restaurant at the start of Mombuey.


Camino de Sant… (not verified)

I had dinner in the restaurant Me Gusta Comer across from the Albergue . The food was outstanding and not expensive, I highly recommend it.


Very nice welcome and definitely the most superb peregrino menu since Sevilla. Very much worth calculating your trip to overnight in Rionegro.
The albergue is great as well . great stop on the way


The owner of the bar is a very unfriendly man. Don’t expect any service or a smile. The only thing they served were sandwiches which were really expensive (the other restaurant was closed unfortunately)


Just sitting down to a fabulous meal in "Me Gusta Comer" in Rio Negro del Puente. What a treat ! The chef showed me the wine bottle even before pouring it.
Galician music playing in the background.
Perfect treat on a miserable wet day.