1.10km → San Martiño de Duio → 1.90km → Hermedesuxo
To Muxía: 
The route to Muxía has grown up a bit over the last 5 years, but services along the 29km stretch way remain scarce.  Lires and Frixe both have bars, and Lires has a few guesthouses if you wish to split the walk into two days.

To find the way to Muxía, head back along the road you came in on.  At the cruceiro that marks the end of the beach stay on the road.  It curves left at the cruceiro, and then curves right.  Turn left (uphill) at the first second street, and follow that straight on to San Martiño.  IF you stayed at any of the albergues in Finisterre that are at the upper part of town, ask them for directions because the route described above might take you somewhat out of the way.