→ 0.70 → As Searas / San Vicente del Burgo → 3.70km → Bacurín

To end of camino
The Road

Beyond As Searas, the camino leaves the road for a trail that passes through the village of Bacurin 86.3. During periods of heavy rain, it is possible to stay on the road. From Bacurin the camino returns to the road and passes through the hamlets of O Paso, Hospital, and San Pedro de Abaixo. The next hamlet, Taboeiro 81.9, may have a bar which is open. If not there is a small detour of 100m to the bar in nearby Crecente (closed Mondays).


Camino de Sant… (not verified)

Excellent facility - shelter, seating, toilets and vending machines. Also a stamp!

Camino de Sant… (not verified)

There’s a vending machine rest stop, with a do-it-yourself stamp, but nothing else that we could find!