→ 2.60 → Paradanova → 2.10km → A Fonsagrada

To end of camino
The Road

Be advised that there have been a growing number of false arrows in Paradanova.  Some of them are the official looking blue and yellow plastic (most are painted arrows) signs.

These arrows are intended to detour you from Fonsagrada and towards A Proba de Burón and should be ignored.

The real camino into Fonsagrada follows South of the road (keep road on your right and dont cross it).

If you find that you have mistakenly followed the wrong arrows you will have another opportunity to get to Fonsagrada by turning left at the next large intersection.



There are now very obvious stone pillars making the way, but the route to fonsagrada is different than the app shows, up a steep climb. It would be good to have the buron variant depicted on this map…