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La Espina

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N634, 41
33891 Asturias

+34 985 837 062
Private Rooms
Double room
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Camino de Sant…

Good value for €35. Old fashioned rooms. Very clean but there is a funny smell. The owners are very friendly and the menu el dia was excellent for €13.

Camino de Sant…

Englishspeaking and very friendly.
The price of 35 € is for a double room with 2 separate beds

Camino de Sant…

For 35 EUR you get a stuffy, smelly, extremely noisy, cramped room with beds suitable only for people shorter than 180cm. Mattresses are horrible too. The bathroom was nice, though.
We were cold, heating did not work. We had to sleep in our sleeping bags under the blankets. Loud banging noise from inside the motel prevented us from sleeping well.

La Espina is a horrible place to stop overnight, overall. Our only chance to eat something was in the pension. Food was pretty bad also, but not expensive (10 EUR pp)

Avoid this place if you can.