→ 2.80 → Vila Boa → 2.20km → Lijó

To end of camino

The Council of Vila Boa has installed a set of highly visible yellow signs that guide you through town.

The Road

After rounding the church, keep on the road to the first side street and turn right. At the next fork (identifiable for the wash basin and cruceiro) keep to your left. One more right-hand turn and you are heading straight for the railway.

At the tracks, the arrows turn left, but that is a not strictly necessary detour to an underpass. You are in the countryside now until Lijó. Turn left at the first fork and into town.

Accommodation in Vila Boa


Camino de Sant… (not verified)

Very austere rooms, although clean.
No soap in the bathroom even for hand washing, although on arrival you are given a tiny sachet of liquid soap, which I used to wash my hair.
Great evening meal for €8, with a drink included.

Camino de Sant… (not verified)

Lovely hostel to stay in - great location on the Camino, (well signposted as you come into Vila Boa) spotless, comfortable bunk beds with sheets and pillows - delicious meal with other pilgrims - and our host, Flora - heart of gold - and used google translate very effectively to navigate the communication. Excellent hostel and great value for money!