Albergue de Peregrinos O Freixo


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Estrada Regueiro-Valadares
36315 Pontevedra

+34 679 652 431
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Camino de Sant…

This albergue is terrible, please try to avoid it!! There is no a/c and the place is unbelievably hot day and night. Every room stinks really bad including the kitchen. The beds are so unstable that if either of the persons moves, the whole bed shakes and the other person wakes up. There is not even a single knife, fork, plate or a glass in the kitchen. It's empty. The toilets have no privacy at all and there are 2 toilets for the whole floor of like 50 people. I have seen some bad albergues but this one is unbelievable. All the people were in such a bad mood especially because of how hot it was there. It's impossible to sleep, I literally did not sleep at all and my whole day is ruined. Try to avoid this place, there are plenty of hostels in Vigo!