→ 2.00 → Grijó → 5.00km → Perosinho

To end of camino

The natural setting surrounding Grijó is the prettiest for a long stretch, high walls and lots of well-shaded spaces. The Monastery here is a particularly pretty place for a rest.

Accommodation in Grijó


Camino de Sant… (not verified)

this place is closed dua coronavirus. we walked 34 kilometres to get here and no luck.


If you’re stopping here, the albergue is not located at the Monastery as indicated on the map. It is a small, yellow building on the left on the road as you approach the monastery. You must see the neighbor next door (first driveway beyond the albergue) who will let you in. He’s delightful. Bom Caminho!


If you stop here for a rest or overnight there is a lovely bakery just off ‘the way’ (50 metres) called Forninho do Mosteiro. Lovely welcoming staff and delicious food. Just before albergue (search google maps for bakery and you will find it)