3.50km → Cesantes → Arcade
To Santiago: 

When approaching Cesantes, the camino turns Left after going over the train tracks. This turn is often overlooked.

Getting past Cesantes means crossing the N550 once more, at probably the most dangerous point in a curve in the road. Head straight across and keep to your Right.

You are climbing uphill now and will traverse around the O Viso peak. Along the way you pass an installation of pilgrim shells and if you have a marker on hand you can leave a message on a sun-bleached shell. From here it is downhill again to the N550.


Photo in Cesantes on the Camino de Santiago
Photo in Cesantes on the Camino de Santiago
Accommodation in Cesantes


Camino de Santi... (not verified) said:

Wonderful place to stay. House is situated 10 minutes off the Camino, before reaching the track leading to Pension Jumboli.
Spotless accommodation, big single room (doubles available), huge garden with classic view of the Vigo bridge, breakfast supplied, very friendly owner. In 12 years on Caminos, this is the best ever.