→ 6.50 → Camino Splits at A4 overpass → 0.80km → Gondivai

To end of camino
The Road

When you get to the A4 overpass the camino splits into two distinct trails. The options are not well marked because the turn to the right is a new route that replaces the previous (and wildly dangerous) detour which began in Araújo. Distances are measured from the split. Both routes converge at the far end of the Zona Industrial de Maia.

‌VIA MOREIRA - 6.2 km

This is the easiest to navigate and shortest of the options. From the split simply carry on straight.

‌VIA MAIA - 7.7 km

This route offers a visit to the Mosteiro de Leça do Balio and the church of Maia. To begin this route turn right on the first road after passing under the A4, it is the Rua Dr. Silva Santos. At the end of the road continue straight over the pedestrian footbridge to cross the railway, and then another footbridge to cross the N14. At the end of this bridge you will be on a small cobbled lane, follow it to the first intersection and turn left. From there keep to the left side at the fork in the road and proceed straight until the road ends. Turn left here to the monastery.