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With changing times Ventosa has found itself separated from the camino by the rearrangement of yellow arrows for the sake of shaving 800m from the camino. There are two bars, an albergue, and a usually lively atmosphere as the majority of pilgrims continue to mark this path.


Camino de Sant… (not verified)

The hotel Las Aquedas is lovely and the woman kind. Ventosa is a residential village with no shops. There are supposed to be 3 places to eat (bars). May 2022 One is closed for construction, the other closed just closed (?) And cafe Buen Camino had handwritten hours posted on the door different than what's listed online, and then still wasn't open during those. Bring food with you if you stay here.


Wished we had stopped in Navarrete which had lots of services for pilgrims. Arrived in Ventosa and waited for the Albergue to open. The lady running the place didn't have any space without reservation but didn't tell anyone. We waited about 45 minutes before going to the hotel which wouldn't accommodation our family of three. Another 30 minute wait in midday sun. Told us to take a taxi for 20 Euro to Najera. Eight pilgrims walked on in the hot sun to Najera. There's not enough services in Ventosa. Finally got into Najera at 3:00pm and everything full. Had to pay almost 90 Euro to accommodate three people. Not a great day.


Very nice stop. A great breakfast menu and they were open early. We’ve noticed most places open at 8:00 so we’re worried when we arrived at 0730, but already several people there eating. I would highly recommend.


This was an amazing stop on The Way! A very nice Albergue with a quaint garden sitting area. There are two restaurants that are perfect for any meal. Ventosa has been the best stop so far!


I went to both bars and I think you should too just go to the one at the top of the hill second because I doubt you’ll leave after feeling so welcome! The guy there had a flavor for hospitality and made amazing food. Hard to leave.