→ → Straight along the Camino Real or turn Right for the Via Trajana → →

To end of camino

Leaving Sahagún cross over the río Cea. The camino becomes something of a confusion just short of Calzada de Coto, which lies to the north of the A-231. You will find yourself standing at a large highway interchange (4.4km from Sahagún) with a block bus-stop and very little signage to point the way. Distances indicated below are from Sahagún to Reliegos, though the Via Trajana can also bypass Relíegos and go directly to Mansilla de las Mulas without adding any distance The two options rejoin in Reliegos, or Mansilla de las Mulas.

The Camino Real - 30.3

Carry on straight here to follow the route via Bercianos and El Burgo Ranero.

The Via Trajana - 30.9

Turn right here (north) and cross over the bridge to follow the old Roman Road through Calzada de Coto and Calzadilla de los Hermanillos.


Camino de Sant… (not verified)

I agree with others the Camino Real is lovely, shaded most of the way by chestnut trees and mostly far enough away from the freeway that you can't even see it. Very hard to find at the junction though I would have been lost without this app.

Camino de Sant… (not verified)

After the brutal heat and lack of shade across the Meseta, this was such a welcome relief. The whole path was lined with trees which provided glorious shade all the way to Bercianos Del Real Camino. Was feeling very grateful for those trees and whoever planted them. Would recommend this route. 🙏🙏

Camino de Sant… (not verified)

Someone has removed the arrows that lead to the Camino Real so the only arrows that you can follow will lead you to Via Trajana. Luckily I realized before I got too far and was able to backtrack. Very annoying.

Camino de Sant… (not verified)

The Camino Real's path is smooth and groomed, and lined the whole way with trees which break up the monotony of the landscape and provide occasional shade in late morning.


I don’t know about the other route, but it can hardly be as bad as the via trajana. It is one straight path, full of stones and boulders that are very hard underfoot. Particularly the first 13 kilometers from Calzada del Coto. Personally I would choose to avoid it.