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To end of camino

When you get to the Basilica de la Virgen del Camino you will cross the busy road and continue on a small access road. In 300m you are presented with the choice between two routes. The painting of yellow arrows here is confusing, and there is zero official signage to indicate your options. Distances are indicated from La Virgen del Camino to Puente de Órbigo where they converge.


This variation is called the Scenic Route, and it adds < 3km to your journey. It is considerably more pleasant and there are now plenty of services and albergues along the way. To follow this route turn left onto a dirt track.

‌The ROAD ROUTE - 24.6 KM

The official camino route is often called the Road Route due to its proximity to the road. It is the shorter of the two and offers little to no peace from the traffic. To take this route continue straight.



You should warn people that there is no shade for three hours, and only two opportunities to even get drinks. This is honestly a horrible recommendation.


Yes, you won’t walk by the busy road but the scenic route is terrible! It is a long straight road in full sun, no shadow. Also most of albergues and shops are CLOSED because there are less people this year so you might not find a place to eat or sleep for 20km because most of people choose the main route. Very few water sources as well. This is a horrible idea to choose this route.


We just took the scenic route despite being scared by the above comments. We found multiple bars in every village along this well marked way. Potable water abounds. It was a lovely walk to Villar de Mazarife with half being on very sparsely trafficked rural roads. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this way.


Very dangerous road walking. Narrow roads and people driving way too fast!


I took the scenic route in April, during
semana Santa. It is a beautiful route, and very quite. Although it is still earlyin the season several
bars were open and there is also a vending machine next to an albergue. Highly recommended.


I agree with the previous comment. The fountains were plentiful, and there was something open in most towns if you need it. There isn’t a lot of shade, but I liked not walking on the busier road for so much of the day. The open thing might not be quite what you want, so do have some provisions is you get worried about when you’ll eat, particularly when coming through on a Sunday.