→ → SPLIT: Alternate Route via Huarte or follow the camino → →

At the picnic area adjacent to the road you can choose your own adventure. The majority of walkers continue onward and upward. Optionally you can follow the river, keeping it on your right, on an alternate route into Huarte (albergue municipal, all services) and on to Pamplona (bypassing Trinidad de Arre, Villava, and Burlada). This route is marginally longer than the other, but does bypass the very obvious ascent from here.



Oh man, this is a confusing road. Unless you’ve got a good GPS map and you’re using it a lot, I’d recommend the climb instead. There’s two paths on this detour, the river route to Pamplona (which is much much longer), and then a few arrows to Santiago. When you get to Huarte, there are a few yellow arrows on buildings like the rest of the path this far, then there are yellow chevrons on the ground, which I’m still not sure I should have followed, as they lease you to the center of the town. I was able to continue there to the river and follow it (along with my GPS app).