→ 7.70 → San Justo de la Vega → 4.00km → Astorga

To end of camino

Passing through San Justo, keep an eye out for a bar on the left-hand side called Bar Oasis. It has a corner entrance, a Foosball table, a littered floor, and the BEST tortilla in all of Spain. It is also the thickest tortilla and not to be missed if you are hungry. The owner and his wife are avid travelers and talkers.

Accommodation in San Justo de la Vega
Camino de Santiago Accommodation: Hostal Juli ⭑


Camino de Sant… (not verified)

The reviews are correct. Best tortilla I’ve had on the Camino. I came in prior to reading any reviews. It seems to be the only place open around here. Delicious moist, tasty brightly colored tortilla.

Camino de Sant… (not verified)

We had the best tortilla of the Camino here
Don’t miss it !!

Camino de Sant… (not verified)

We stopped at Bar Oasis... Definitely the best tortilla we have had on the whole Camino (writing this review just before Santiago)

Camino de Sant… (not verified)

Friendly, great breakfast and good value. 2nd bar on left.


If there is one the second bar is always cooler and bar oasis does not disappoint.