Renche → 4.50 → Samos → 1.50km → Foxos

To end of camino
Medical Center

It is difficult to separate Samos from the monastery that dominates this small village. The monastery albergue here is reminiscent of the old albergue in Roncesvalles; one long vaulted space full of hobbling pilgrims, snoring, and laughter. I cannot recommend the experience enough.

Opposite the gas station is the Rúa do Salvador. At the end of this road are a wonderful shaded park and one of the oldest surviving buildings on the camino, the 11th century Capilla del Ciprés.

The Road

Pass Foxos, and in Teiguín the camino splits again.

It is possible to stay on the road all the way to Sarria, but the connection to Aguiada is recommended. Along the road to Sarria is 8.8km, via Aguiada 12.6km


Camino de Sant… (not verified)

The albergue at the monastery is nice but it is like other municipal albergues. You enter from the street and do not have access to the monastery from the albergue.

You can see the monastery for 5 euros by guided tours offered on a schedule. For 60 euros you can stay in a room inside the monastery.


There’s a great albergue 10$ single beds super clean and delicious food . Two ladies from Brazil bought the place and called it tras. Del convento which means next to the convent super great hosts and I can’t say enough about their fresh savory food


I also stayed at tras de convento behind the monestary. Nice and well worth the price. Shared dorm rooms with a single bathroom. I stayed Oct 2020, so less people allowed in than normal times.may get a little crowded during a regular year. There's a bar downstairs, as well as a couple others in town and at least one little store in the area. Just across the road from the monetary so easy to go visit.


Casa Licerio is open for business April 2022. It is awesome. The new owner Nouria is absolutely fantastic! Good communication, easy early check in, fantastic dinner and breakfast, quick affordable full service laundry, and beautiful clean stylish rooms. This is the best place to stay in Samos. One of the best places on the Camino! Excellent Customer service!