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Roncesvalles, 18
31650 Navarra

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Camino de Sant…

I stayed here and it’s a nice hotel and I enjoyed the dinner - I took the 8:30 sitting which means I missed the pilgrims blessing. Good choices for dinner and the breakfast was also nice. Recommend if you prefer a private room to an Albergue.

Camino de Sant…

For €45 I had expected a little more. Had a room with 2 beds and small bathroom. Shower was good, but tiny. When washing my hair my elbows would hit the walls of the shower. Beds are short, I’m 1.67 and my toes would stick out. Clean bedsheets, but with a burning hole (cigarette?) in it. Has no bedlights, but one big light in between the beds. Switch for this light, right next to the bed, didn’t work. To make a light I had to get out of bed en walk to the other site of the room. It’s a noicy place, could here people talk/walk all night so earplugs are usefull.
Had a little bite to eat in the bar. Ham croquette was almost cold, patatas bravas were very warm, nice and plenty. Together with cola and tea cost me €10.