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Rabanal del Camino

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Real, 74
24722 León

+34 987 631 592
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This place seemed very nice at first glance but I had two little insects in my bed that looked suspiciously like bedbugs. I wasn’t sure but I was uncomfortable so I went to the hostess to ask to be moved to a different room. I was met with hostility and defensiveness. She told me it was my fault and that the bugs must have come in on my backpack. She begrudgingly gave me a new room but was extremely unkind.

I didn’t sit on the bed or put my backpack on the bed and I was checking the NEW bed for bedbugs, pulled back the blanket and there was a gross red bug that looked like a bedbug sitting beneath it! I had to leave the hostel at 10pm and run to find something else, totally disgusted.

In the morning, I went back to El Refugio to return the key and saw the hostess again. I told her I was very upset and told her what happened. AGAIN she blamed me and told me the bugs must have come from my bag and it’s just not possible that they have bedbugs because they use some spray. She again was extremely rude and gaslighting me. I absolutely did not bring in these bugs. I’ve stayed at hostels for the past month on the Camino and have never had an experience like this.

If you don’t want to get bedbugs and want to be treated with kindness, avoid this place at all costs.

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After much debate of where to eat, we very thankfully end up here. Service brilliant, food superb, served with a good pitcher of wine and water for 5 all for €14! Highly recommended.

Camino de Sant…

When I called today and they said an individual is €50 not 35

Camino de Sant…

The couple who own histal el refugio are super. They provide comfortable rooms crisp white sheets and simply amazing food. A joy to stay here.

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Very pilgrim unfriendly. Kept me waiting at check in by saying ‘just a moment’ and then helping customers in the restaurant. Pointed to a chalkboard with times for bar and restaurant, gave me the room key and said ‘second floor’. When I came down at 16.10 to ask for the laundry, I was told laundry service stops at 16.00. This is saying so on a sign in the room, they kept telling me. But me and two other pilgrims have no such sign in any of our rooms! The lady just said: no laundry until tomorrow. Fortunately the albergue across the street has a place to do laundry by hand, an electric spinner and a clothes line. People over there were way more friendly and helpfull!

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The chef at this restaurant takes pride in his work. We had vegan menus and they were thoughtful and beautifully prepared and presented. Breakfast was also lovely

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Unfortunately I had a rough ungracious experience at this albergue also , specifically at the restaurant . The Place is charming , rooms clean , check in perfunctory. Dinning experience was poor . He was ungracious period . Food had to much oil , no salt as usual , I received the wrong order ,which I didn’t eat and he did deduct from the bill . Food is expensive for Spain and the experience was sour . I asked for water, finally got it - he put it on the table wo opening it . Wasn’t an easy open . Shouldn’t happen - like he was doing be a favor . Sorry to say so !

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Stayed here in November 1. Chris and Toño were very friendly and accommodating. They offer a nice vegetarian meal. The beets with onions,carrots and potatoes were great as was the stuffed zucchini. I speak a little Spanish and they were very helpful in explaining things. Toño grandparents lived there. The dining room is very comfortable and was originally housing the animals. He explained the original configuration of the building. It was fascinating and made the stay even more enjoyable. Oh, the room and bathroom was very good too. An aside, Sara at the tienda was gracious and kind. She even gave me a chocolate as I was leaving. I love this place and it’s because of the people I met.

Camino de Sant…

If you want to have a peaceful reflective night stay here attend the pilgrims mass in the church and then sample what must be some of the best food on the Camino