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Mollados, 43
15821 A Coruña

+34 608 989 100
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This is a nice hotel the private rooms are lovely and comfortable and very clean, they have a private laundry service.
The menu was a bit strange and expensive so didn’t eat there so can’t comment on the food.
We paid €75 for a room which was too expensive really as there was nothing extra for this price, but it was still nice.

All Caminos App User

I faced a situation of a man going to the back of the Albergue which is not in use with no access to inside the building. He stood on his toes to look in my window while hovering. I brought it to the attention of the woman at the desk. She told me she could not do anything. The man came out of his room with glasses on and left the door albergue. I said the police should be called. Her response was that I should pull the shade down or move to another room, she can't do anything.