Rabé de las Calzadas → 7.50 → Hornillos del Camino → 5.30km → Arroyo San Bol

To end of camino

There is a pilgrim mass and benediction every day at 18:00. Hornillos is one of the best examples of a “Royal” camino road: in this case one long street (the aptly named calle real) stretched out along the camino. This layout allowed every building to face the camino, a trait which reminds us that the current heavy development along the camino is anything but a new phenomenon. The town once belonged to the monastery of St. Denis and was home to a Benedictine community.

Folklore places Charlemagne here too, baking bread for his troops along the river.

Ruins and medieval bridges are the only visible remains.


Camino de Sant… (not verified)

We had a wonderful meal with our Camino family. The proprietor is a kind gracious man. It is at the end of the town as you are walking out- this is a true gem in this small town!


There's a small convenience store that sells fruit and makes cheese or chorizo sandwiches. Has foot aid supplies, snacks, cold drinks, among a few other things. The male owner was very lively and friendly. They were open till 6:00 p.m. on the Friday we visited town. It is right across from Sol De a Sol hostel and shows up on Google maps.


I stayed at Casa de la Abuelo, which was clean and quiet. That evening, I went looking for a meal and wound up at Origen at the west end of town. Great food, lively energy, a lot of fun.


I needed a rest and splurged on a private room with en suite bathroom and shower (35 euros). Lovely!


I hurt my leg and stopped by the shop. The owner really took good care of me. He brought me tissues, helped me to clean the wounds. He even brought me a bottle of ice to prevent the swelling.
He really is one of those Camino Angels


At the far end of town there is a new bar called Origen. The owner is super friendly. There is a fireplace to dry your clothes. Great place to stop. The food looks good but I didn’t have any