Saint Jean Pied de Port → 5.20 → Honto [Huntto] → 2.80km → Orisson

To end of camino

First bar stop and first accommodation option. Reservation is recommended.

The Road

Not far beyond Honto the camino leaves the asphalt road for the first time, and winds steeply uphill over the course of several switchbacks.

The Kayola albergue, operated by the Orisson albergue, is located where these switchbacks return you to the road.

From here the camino is almost entirely on the asphalt road until you reach the Collado de Bentartea.

Accommodation in Honto [Huntto]



Wonderful place. Excellent room, kitchen and even laundry for our wet clothes. We enjoyed a fantastic meal of vegetable stew, roasted duck, red wine and cheese with fruit for dessert. The host even made some French beans to accommodate a grain intolerance. After the rain stopped, we were graced with the most magnificent view! Wow!