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Camino de Sant… (not verified)

There is niether a fountain or water pump that works. Don't rely o this place for water refill. Still a very pleasant place to stop and have a break and have a small meal.


I had an awful experience and found out that other women did also. There is a man that rides a bike opposite of the way you walk. If you are not alert, he will grab your breast as he is riding by or if you have stopped at the fountain which is a nice place to stop. I had to make a police report. By the time the police got there which was quick they had taken pictures of a man riding a bike. However, he was not the one. I was able to alert other women on the Camigas website. That's when I found out other women had this experience. Use your poles to keep bikers at bay when coming near you.


Dry spring on May 23! Fellow peregrina tried to pump water, but no water. It is still a pleasant stop.