Burguete [Auritz] → 3.70km → Espinal [Aurizberri] → Bizkarreta [Gerendiain]
To Santiago: 

An alternative to spending the night in Roncesvalles for pilgrims arriving there too late in the evening to walk a full day, as the stretch between the two is 5km along mostly flat ground. 

Between here and Pamplona, you will notice many villages perched above the valley floor. This was to maximize both farmland (shared and more fertile near the river) and security.


The last Sunday in August.


The founding of Espinal, now an uninspiring town comprised mostly of modern chalets, was driven by the desire to keep pilgrims safe. This river valley has a long history of battle and banditry, and it was in the interest of the Navarran Kings (in this case Teobaldo-II) to keep them safe.

Several more villages along the way share a similar founding, and Teobaldo was not alone in improving the infrastructure of the camino. Indeed, several other Kings, Queens, Saints, and the current ruling party all share a common interest in the camino.


Photo in Espinal [Aurizberri] on the Camino de Santiago
Photo in Espinal [Aurizberri] on the Camino de Santiago
Accommodation in Espinal [Aurizberri]


Camino de Santi... (not verified) said:

Walk through the town and you arrive to Txalaparta café tapas bar. Opens at 7 pm and you will receive very nice service and good food.

Camino de Santi... (not verified) said:

As you enter town there is a bar that has a spigot and let’s pilgrims fill their bottles. Take advantage of this as it is the last water until Zuberrj.