→ 5.60 → Ermita de San Nicolás → 1.90km → Itero de la Vega

To end of camino

The Ermita of San Nicolás, like the ruins of San Anton before Castrojeriz, has a long history of taking care of pilgrims. Both stand on their own far from towns and as a result, they don’t necessarily get the amount of traffic they deserve. Perhaps that is for the best as pilgrims often claim them to be the most memorable albergues along the way.

The Road

Just beyond the Ermita is the Puente Fitero which takes you over the river of the same name, and into Palencia.

Accommodation in Ermita de San Nicolás
Camino de Santiago Accommodation: Albergue de San Nicolas



Only 11 beds. No electricity, so once the candles go out it’s bedtime. I loved watching the bats flying around the albergue. One of the most Camino experiences on the Camino