Foncebadón → 2.30 → Cruz de Ferro → 2.30km → Manjarín

To end of camino

The Iron Cross marks the highest part of the mountain pass and has become the place where pilgrims the world over leave behind a stone brought with them from home or elsewhere on the camino.


Camino de Sant… (not verified)

Staying in Foncebadon makes it easier to get to the cross early. Leave your burdens at the base of the cross. No facilities. Be extra careful going down to town from there. Beautiful route!


Recommend bringing a rock from home and leaving it here to release whatever it represents. There was a lineup of pilgrims wanting pictures, just wait your turn and take your moment.


If you want to walk to Cruz de Ferro to watch the sunrise from there, sleep in Foncebadon. If you sleep in Rabanal, you will take 2h to reach Cruz de Ferro and the way is through the forest which isn’t easy and nice in the dark.


If you want to see the sunrise the ideal spot is on the trail to Cruz de Ferro and not at the cross itself