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Belorado manages to maintain some of its advantages, but hard times have certainly taken their toll. A walk around the perimeter streets will reveal a quickly crumbling infrastructure. On the hillside sit the remains of a castle.

Several churches remain and the hospices have been replaced by many modern albergues. The main square is a nice place to hide from the sun if you fancy a rest.

Do like the locals and avoid the restaurants in the main square; one of the best options for dinner is at the Cuatro Cantones albergue restaurant.

The Iglesia de Santa María has an altarpiece which depicts Santiago both as a Pilgrim and as a Moorslayer.


The Fiesta of San Vitores is held on the 26th of August, and Thanksgiving is held on the first weekend in September. La Virgen de Belén is celebrated on the 25th of January.


After a long string of nearly abandoned villages, Belorado is something of a wonder. Once again we have geography to thank; Belorado sits right in the middle of a narrow pass that cuts through two hillsides. The difference in altitude is small, less than 200m, but the hills are steep enough to provide some protection and fighting advantage. It was well developed before the arrival of Santo Domingo with his knack for setting towns on an east-west axis. At one time, the town boasted 8 churches, a thriving market, and 2 pilgrim hospices.

Also of note are the caves that dot the hillside here. They drew a not insignificant number of hermits to the area, many of which became well known. Santo Domingo chose a life of hermitage when he was turned away from the monastery, and other orders like that of St. Millán also began with a single cave-dwelling hermit.


Medical Center: 
Ave Cerezo de Rio Tiron 6, 09250, Mon-Fri: 1000-1330 & Sat: 1000-11:30


Camino de Santi... (not verified) said:

Not sure why Hostel B is not on this list but it is fantastic and has beds not bunks. The Pilgrim meal was amazing the owner is a great cook. They also have fresh fruit for sale highly recommended

Camino de Santi... (not verified) said:

We are at La Huella del Camino, one of the first bars on arriving in town. The peregrinos menu was sensational. Great presentation!!

Camino de Santi... (not verified) said:

Hi Mike. I saw a sign announcing a new hostal in Belorado. No idea how it is but it was in town and looked quite modern and organized from the street.
We stayed in Pension Toni and it was neat and clean. The proprietor was berry welcoming and provide info on the town and sites nearby.
Leaving town at 7 there were no services available. The Repsol on the way out of town had capsule coffee and other nibbles to get me on the way. Jim. (Peaceable Kingdom ditch pig)

Camino de Santi... (not verified) said:

Three of us stayed here in a private room with own bathroom. It was very clean and well set up. The bathroom
was excellent. We had dinner here and it was sensational.
Highly recommended.