Lintzoain → 4.60 → Alto de Erro → 3.70km → Zubiri [Esteribar]

To end of camino

There is a food truck which provides seasonal service to pilgrims, and which has a nice multicolored stamp.


The descent from here to Zubiri can often be slippery after a rain, but do not follow the road as an alternative.

The Road

Zubiri, like Larrosoaña ahead, is adjacent to the camino and not strictly on it. You do not need to cross the bridge if you don’t plan on stopping here. If you do go into town, retrace your steps and turn right once back over the bridge.



The next stage downhill to Zubiri is tough on the knees and hips. The ground is extremely rough and treacherous in parts. It requires concentration and can be tedious. If you have any concerns about your knees or other joints call a taxi to Zubiri here. It’s not worth taking the risk. There are no wonderful views - just a slog downhill.


Not sure if because it is still early in the season (March 5) or Sunday, but the food truck was parked and shuttered. We were a bit disappointed.


Not color/colour anymore. Apparently, leaving your underwear IS optional! Guardia Civil patrolling here to help Pilgrims


Followed the road and was alright. About 4 extra kms. Walk on opposite side of traffic and cars mostly move over


Cannot imagine doing it without hiking poles. Very rocky, steep, washed out gullies for a path. No idea how people manage when its raining.


After walking in the rain all morning from Roncesvalles, this roadside cafe was much appreciated. Prepare to leave an undergarment with the proprietor; he says that if you do Camino magic will take place and find you a spouse!