→ → ‌ALTERNATE ROUTE to Villalcázar via Villovieco → →

‌ALTERNATE ROUTE to Villalcázar, via Villovieco

The camino follows the road out of Población, over the bridge and along the same type of path that brought you into town. This alternative route bypasses the next two towns (Revenga and Villarmentero) and follows a quieter trail alongside the river.

To follow this detour stay on to the right through Población de Villavieco (NICE BAR) keeping on the north side of the river and passing through Villovieco. In Villovieco you cross the bridge and turn to the right and follow the river (or carry on straight and rejoin the camino in Vilarmenteros, which has been paralleling this one along the road). If you turn right, the waymarking is hard to see but you can hardly get lost as the trail stays adjacent to the river until you get to a crossroad (P-981) and a weathered ermita. Turn left on the road and into Villacázar de Sirga.



There is a wonderful stop after Villovieco. We stopped and had a glass of wine and a tortilla