3.50km → Uterga

At 756m the Sierras del Perdón are the highest point for the next 170km. A food truck named La Kontxa is parked at the top and offers a large selection of food and drinks, right down to their vegetarian burgers (and regular burgers). They are open from April through October. Between going...


The name derives from the chapel of Nuestra Señora del Perdon that once stood here. A legend tell us that it was along the climb to the alto where the devil tempted a thirsty pilgrim; offering to disclose the location of a fountain in exchange for his soul. The pilgrim refuses, and is...

Photo in Alto del Perdón on the Camino de Santiago
Photo in Alto del Perdón on the Camino de Santiago
Photo in Alto del Perdón on the Camino de Santiago

Going into Larrosoaña is not strictly necessary unless you are staying at the albergue or dropping in for food. If you have arrived here via the road from Zubiri and are eager to return to the trail, just pop over the bridge and turn to your right.

At the picnic area adjacent to the road you can choose your own adventure. The majority of walkers continue onward and upward. Optionally you can follow the river, keeping it on your right, on an alternate route into Huarte (albergue municipal, all services) and on to Pamplona (...

14th century bridge, restored in the 1960s. The albergue Casa Paderborn is along this river. Turn left after crossing if you plan to stay there.

Octagonal 12th century Iglesia de Eunate.

The history of this ermita is still up for debate, and like most things in Spain are divided into two camps. Some believe it is of Knights Templar origin, and the rest believe it was a funeral chapel. Separate yourself from that...

Chiesa ottagonale di Eunate, risalente al XII secolo.

La storia di quest’eremo è ancora al centro di un vivo dibattito, che divide l’opinione in merito in due parti: una crede che la sua origine sia legata ai Cavalieri Templari, l’altra pensa che si trattasse di una cappella funeraria....

Sponsored by the nearby Bodegas Irache, there is a fountain here which pours both water and wine.

The plaque on the wall reads: “If you want to go to Santiago with strength and vitality, of this great wine have a drink and toast to happiness.” Greatness is subjective.

Another sign...

The paper trail for the monastery leads back to 958, and it was the site of Navarra’s first pilgrim hospital. It is a large complex set in a landscape of vineyards. Like many other Benedictine monasteries across the peninsula, it has served as both a barrack to Napoleon’s troops, and as a...

The 17th century ermita, and the river that it sits along, are often considered to be the border to La Rioja. The actual modern day border is closer to Logroño but the paper factory that marks it is much less quaint than this ermita.


Commonly referred to as Roncesvalles Pass and home to the modern Ermita de San Salvador de Ibañeta. The pass has existed as an important crossing point since Roman times and was one of the principal crossings into the Iberian peninsula. From here it is all downhill into ...


Also known as Napoleon’s Pass. There is often a small food truck which sells drinks and snacks, and which offers the last stamp in France.

Photo in Collado de Bentartea on the Camino de Santiago

Orisson is a common stopping point for pilgrims wishing to split the walk over the pass into more manageable sections.


If you arrive here late in the day don’t just pass on by. Drop in and inquire about the weather, and if you choose to continue on make it clear to somebody that you are doing so. If it is anywhere near nightfall (within 5 hours), stay here.

Accommodation in Orisson



Refuge Orisson
18 36**€
Photo in Refuge Orisson on the Camino de Santiago


15 15€
Photo in Kayola on the Camino de Santiago
Orisson - Camino de Santiago - 1
2.80km → Orisson

First bar stop and first accommodation option. Reservation is recommended.

The Road: 

Not far beyond Honto the camino leaves the asphalt road for the first time, and winds steeply uphill over the course of several switchbacks.

The Kayola albergue, operated by the Orisson albergue, is located where these switchbacks return you to the road.

From here the camino...

Accommodation in Honto [Huntto]



Albergue Ferme Ithurburia
22 16€
Photo in Albergue Ferme Ithurburia on the Camino de Santiago
5.20km → Honto [Huntto]

Saint Jean Pied de Port is the nexus of several routes that spread out across mainland Europe, and it was from here (primarily but not exclusively) that pilgrims most frequently made the crossing into the Iberian peninsula.

The tradition remains and the small town is often...


Saint Jean Pied de Port, or Donibane Garazi as it is known in Basque (remember that the French border aside, this town was once a part of Lower Navarre and the Basque language is as common here as it is over the pass), was founded in the late 12th century by the Kings of Navarre...


It is important to be aware of the dangers of weather between here and Roncesvalles. These mountains have claimed more than a few lives, including several in recent history. If you have any questions regarding the journey ahead, the volunteers at the pilgrim office are there to help and...

Market day in Saint Jean Pied de Port is Monday, which is also one of its least busy days for pilgrims.

The Road: 

The distance between here and Roncesvalles is the most physically difficult stretch of road you are likely to encounter on the whole of your camino. From the “Foot of the Pass,” it is a steady climb for the majority of the day, with a rather steep descent into Roncesvalles for the...

Accommodation in Saint Jean Pied de Port



Albergue de peregrinos de Saint Jean Pied de Port
Citadelle, 55
32 10€


Albergue Azkorria
Rue de la Citadelle, 55
8 29€
Photo in Albergue Azkorria on the Camino de Santiago


Albergue Accueil Pelerin
Citadelle, 25
32 13*€


Refuge Esponda
Trinquet, 9
14 14 €


Albergue Beilari
Citadelle, 40
18 33**€
Photo in Albergue Beilari (L Esprit du Chemin) on the Camino de Santiago


Albergue Le Chemin vers L Etoile
Espagne, 21
20 17-20€
Saint Jean Pied de Port  - Albergue Le Chemin vers L Etoile


Gite Ultreia
Rue de la Citadelle, 8
11 22*€
Photo in Gite Ultreia (SJPDP) on the Camino de Santiago


Albergue Zuharpeta
Zuharpeta, 5
22 13€


Camping Municipal Plaza Berri
50 10 / tent€


La Villa Esponda
Trinquet, 9
Photo in La Villa Esponda on the Camino de Santiago


Hotel Ramuntcho ⭑⭑
France, 1
Photo in Hotel Ramuntcho on the Camino de Santiago


Hotel des Pyrénées ⭑⭑⭑⭑
Charles de Gaulle, 19
Photo in Hotel des Pyrénées on the Camino de Santiago


Hotel des Remparts
Floquet, 16
Photo in Hotel des Remparts on the Camino de Santiago


Maison d’Hôtel Itzalpea
Trinquet, 5
Photo in Maison d’Hôtel Itzalpea on the Camino de Santiago

Per uscire da Zubiri potete scegliere se prendere la strada o il sentiero. Quest’ultimo passa accanto a una tetra fabbrica di magnesio e può rivelarsi fangoso se ha piovuto di recente.

500 meters beyond the Monasterio de Irache, the camino splits. The camino turns right, but the natural inclination is to continue going straight along the alternate route via Luquin.

‌via Luquin - 17.8 KM

If you continue straight you will be rewarded with a...

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