Melide → 5.80 → Boente → 2.80km → Castañeda

To end of camino

The first building in Boente on your left is the Bar de los Alemanes, and this is the best bar in town. Further down the hill, the camino crosses the main road (caution) where two albergues and a few bars are located.

You can get a sello in the Iglesia de Santiago de Boente, and curiously enough the entrance that most pilgrims use leads directly to the sacristy. A collection of hundreds of prayer cards from around the world adorn the walls, and if the priest is not there to stamp your credencial he leaves it out for you to take matters into your own hands.

The Road

Walking past the church the camino turns right and descends more. The hills ahead are steep in both directions, take it easy.

Accommodation in Boente


Camino de Sant… (not verified)

There is a beautifully restored former rectory that has opened this year in Boente called Rectoral de Boente. No dormitory but a lovely alternative for those staying in a pair or small group. The hosts are very kind and service minded, and they offer a delicious home made communal pilgrim dinner. Worth the splurge if you need a good rest. The rooms have air con and a chaise lounge or hammock outside each.