→ 3.40 → Capela de San Pedro Mártir → →

To Finisterre

Chapel and fountain. Shortly beyond this point, you will catch your first glimpse of the Cabo Finisterre.

The Road

After the Capela de San Pedro the camino comes to a fork, with the yellow arrows taking you left and downhill. The option to the right follows a dead-end trail 50m to the Cruceiro de Armada, a point which marks the medieval pilgrim’s first glimpse of the sea.

The camino leaves this high plateau quite dramatically via a steep descent into Cee. Very steep. It starts off rocky but quickly turns into an asphalted road for the majority of the descent. The camino follows the road into Cee but has a very confusing set of arrows through town. They have been painted and painted over by competing albergues. No matter which way you choose you will get through town, but the shortest distance follows closest to the beach.



The description is not up to date.
The road is steep on short tracks but nothing bad
There are no rocky parts and no asphalt road.
In fact it is a nice well-maintained forest road.