→ 5.60 → San Xoan de Alba → 1.80km → Pedrouzos

To end of camino

The church and adjacent cemetery, with neo-gothic spires.

The Road

The camino through San Xoan is a bit sloppy, there are no dedicated pedestrian crossings and a large junction means you have to keep alert. Although the camino reaches town from the west side of the road, and later leaves it from the west side, the arrows have you cross over the N-634 to ease the way around a junction; this route also takes you past the church and cemetery. This dancing around the N-634 is almost to an end but there are a few more crossings before Baamonde. The camino follows a few more back roads to Pedrouzos.


Camino de Sant… (not verified)

At the junction with the main highway, there is a nice bar down the road to your right. Also before you get to the junction there is a vending machine well stocked along with a coffee dispensing machine.