→ 10.10 → A Roxica → 0.70km → O Mesón

To end of camino

No services for pilgrims apart from the albergue.

The Road

Keep on the road through A Roxica and at the next junction, a fork with 3 forward options, keep on the road to the left. The village of A Cabana is ahead (no services). You will follow this road, still the LU-P-2119, past the hamlets of Travesa, and Marcela before turning right onto another road which winds up through the hamlet of Corteporcos. When it reaches the next main road, the somewhat busier AC-934, it turns right and follows the road straight. Along the way you pass into the province of A Coruña and through the hamlet of Marco das Pias to arrive at a junction. Follow the signs along the same road in the direction of Sobrado. The first town and bar along this road is in Meson.

Accommodation in A Roxica


Camino de Sant… (not verified)

A Cabana is closed. Next Public Albergue is in Sobrado. 15 km Down The Road

Camino de Sant… (not verified)

The cafe and Albergue are open in A Roxica. Great place to stop after Muraz. Only cafe until Meson which is another 10 km further


Cafe is open for food! Unsure about Albergue


There is an albergue municipal with 28 beds in A Cabana (6€). Nice, clean and quiet with great view over the mountains. No shop but the neighbour sells food so you can make an okay dinner in the kitchen without bringing food.


There is a great Albergue right after Roxica (Cabana village, to the right). Cost - 6€. If you have a tent you can stay for free!:)