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To end of camino

From Soto de Luiña there are two different routes to take. Both are well waymarked and the split is evident. It occurs along the road and there is a marker with two shells indicating which direction to go.

Option 1: ‌Mountain Route - 19.9

This route is entirely mountain walking and is far and away the most scenic option. As the name suggests it takes you up to and along the ridge of the mountain. If you chose this route be sure to pack enough food and water as there are no services along the way. At the point where the camino splits, the Mountain Route turns left and begins to climb.

Option 2: ‌Road / Ballota Route - 19.5

Although this route does not reach great heights, it does do a considerable amount of climbing and descending; it is essentially a long series of switchback shortcuts that parallel the road. A word of caution is in order. Because this route frequently joins the road it is necessary to keep a watch for all the arrows which take you away from it. Although you will reach your destination if you stay on the road, you will walk a great deal farther and do a lot more up and down. There are quite a few more services along this route. To follow it, simply keep to the road where the split occurs.


Camino de Sant… (not verified)

Ich habe die Bergroute gewaehlt, obschon ich zuvor einige Kommentare sah, die davor warnten: sie sei nur fuer berggewohnte und trittsichere Pilger. Ich habe es nicht bereut. Der Weg ist gut markiert und unterhalten und bietet keine besonderen Schwierigkeiten.