1.90km → Miraz → 10.10km → A Roxica
To Santiago: 

On your left as you arrive at Miraz is the last remaining tower and gate of the Pazo de Miraz, they are all that remain of the 15th century fortress. The church is dedicated to Santiago.


There are no services between Miraz and A Roxica, several hours away. Plan accordingly.

The Road: 

At the west end of Miraz the camino becomes a gravel road which runs 3.5km to the next paved surface and turns left and into Braña the town with no buildings. Soon it merges with another larger road (still a country lane, the LU-P-2102). If follows this road about 600m and turns right onto another. When this road bends left the camino continues straight onto a trail. When it reaches the next paved road, the LU-P-2119, it turns right and follows it 3.2km to A Roxica.


Accommodation in Miraz


Camino de Santi... (not verified) said:

Look for Chacon, nearby. Miras. Welder who will stamp your credential with wax