→ 2.20 → A Gándara (Boimorto) → 26.90km → A54 Junction

To end of camino
Medical Center
Public Pool

Note that the Boimorto albergue is located 600m before town.

The Road

The camino beyond Boimorto splits into three distinct routes before each joins the Camino Francés. All three re-join near the Lavacolla airport. From A Gándara you have to choose between two options, the third option is a derivation of one of the two.

When choosing between the options consider that the Camino Francés may be quite busy depending on the season; relative to the Camino del Norte there are a great deal more pilgrims on the way.

All distances shown are from A Gándara to San Paio, which is the first village after the Lavacolla airport. The number in [brackets] is the distance remaining to Santiago.

‌Option 1: ‌The NEW OFFICIAL ROUTE - 28.3 [40.7]

The new official route goes from A Gándara directly to Lavacolla where it joins the Camino Francés; this is the shortest route to Santiago.

There are very little services along the way (a few bars, and one Pension) and no albergues as of yet. Be prepared for a long day, and follow the AC-0603 straight out of town.

‌Option 2: ‌VIA BREA / O Pedrouzo - 30.5 [42.9]

Along the way there is an option to rejoin the Camino Francés near Brea, and the next large town along the Camino Francés from this point is O Pedrouzo. The turn towards Brea occurs 9.9km from A Gándara. If you miss the turn, it is not necessary to retrace your steps. Instead keep on this trail until you reach the N-624 (another 7.3km). Shortly after joining it a paved road marked O Pedrouzo turns left, follow it to the start of O Pedrouzo.

To Brea is 17.9km and to O Pedrouzo 23.5km.

‌Option 3: ‌The OLD OFFICIAL ROUTE - 35.8 [48.2]

The old route to rejoin the Camino Francés in Arzúa  is still marked and still walkable. It is the longer of the two options but has a lot more services to offer because it reaches the Camino Francés sooner.

To follow this route, turn left at the end of A Gándara to follow the AC-0602 in the direction of Arzua.

You will pass the hamlet of Sendelle along the way.

To Arzua is 9.7km.


Camino de Sant… (not verified)

Es gibt eine kleine Bar in Cabrita. Sehr freundlich und auch wenn der Weg nur Asphalt bietet, ist er für mich die große Ruhe vor dem großen Frances-Sturm.

Camino de Sant… (not verified)

Casa rico pension is 12km into the long route 1


we walked option 1 today. option 1 is the shortest way between monasterio sobrado and lavacolla. the path is well indicated all the time (km stones and arrows). be careful not to miss them (sometimes when tired one walks on, and actually should have gone left/right). from boimorto: soon after, a bar. then no bars at all, until stone km 21. also a bar at stone km 22 (not easy to see; it’s off the road a little, in what looks like a house). it’s a loong walk; be prepared for almost no bars in option 1. we arrived in lavacolla: total i believe 42 km from monasterio sobrado.


Twin pines is ten km after boimorto
Then it is 17km with no services on the way to lavacolla


The local hostel just before biomorto is excellent, it’s super clean, has great showers, and is only 6 euro. Very few pilgrims stay there so you will probably have a whole room to yourself.


The kilometers are off on this app by about 7km compared to all of the mile markers through Galicia. It’s because from Boimorto to Arzua it should read 10km instead of 2. It’s correct in the actual book. Hard discovery at the end of my day to realize I had 7km more and running out of time to check in to Albergue. I hope this gets fixed.


if you go route 1, 12km after Boimorto there is Casa Rico de Medín, so you can get coffee food etc, no need to carry water and food for 27km


I took option 2 today. Only asfalt the whole stage until Brea. (my poor feet)
Lot of crazy car and even bus drivers, didn’t slow down for a pilgrim. No bars/cafés.
On the positive side: I hardly didn’t see anyone until I joined the Francés just before Brea.


After twin pines we found a small bar at river mera 10km on from twin pines has a tiny supermarket attached not sure of hrs we are here at 9.30 am and they are open