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Playa 10
33320 Asturias

+34 984 841 196
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Double room
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Camino de Sant…

Superfresh and clean hotel. A pleasure to stay overnight.

Camino de Sant…

English speaking staff. Sensible price. Don’t let the fact one of the letters is missing from the name board out front. The hotel is fresh smells great to start with once you walk in and is certainly clean and tidy. The bathrooms and bedrooms have showers and are impressively clean as well as having a fresh look to them. (March 19) the hotel is open but the restaurant is not. The furniture and fittings throughout are heavy duty well put together and a credit to the team ru. I got the hotel, it has been done well. The fire and safety instructions are all working and clear. (I say this because other locations lack them). It is certainly worth staying here and I do recommend it.

Camino de Sant…

I know that stars are to do with amenities but as far as I can tell this place has the amenities of many of the 2/3 star places I have stayed, is spotless, and pleasant. It is devoid of charm but perfect for a good sleep in an immaculate setting.