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Galicia, 23
27730 Abadín Lugo


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Camino de Santiago Accommodation: Pensión Casa Goás
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Camino de Santi... (not verified) said:

One of the best albergues we had pn the Norte. Very modern, clean and showers are a delight. Washer and dryer available. Very much recommended.

Camino de Santi... (not verified) said:

Yes very clean but ... there are huge shower cubicles with no hooks for hanging clothes or towels. No shelves to put soap or toilet bag. Plenty of room to put a stool in the cubicle but there wasn’t one so my toilet bag had to go on the floor - very unhygienic and it got wet!????

Also for the money it would be nice if the toilet could have its flush button replaced. Then I wouldn’t have to stick my finger down a hole to flush. Again very unhygienic.

Information about where to have breakfast was non existant and had to work it out. And then for 5 euros .. pretty disappointing.

Think you can do better .

Camino de Santi... (not verified) said:

Clean rooms, wifi, restaurant downstairs where all locals come to eat! Two supermarkets across the street. Enjoyed a hearty meal and nice stay here, would recommend if you're looking to stay somewhere in Abadin.

Camino de Santi... (not verified) said:

Excellent place. Helpful staff, clean comfortable room, strong wifi connection. They have laundry service. Very good food. Grocery store across the street. All at a more than reasonable price. Highly recommended!