This outermost barrio of Santiago was once the closest point that pilgrims affected with leprosy were permitted to go.

The Road: 

The walk into Santiago is through the urbanized zone that has grown up around the old town. After passing over the highway bridge the first part of Santiago you walk through is the Barrio San Lazaro; the church here is said to be the limit for pilgrims with leprosy. There is a fairly...

3.00km → Martiñán
The Road: 

The camino passes through As Paredes along the same road/trail that you entered on and will bring you back to the A-8, this time to pass underneath it into the hamlet of Castromaior. In Castromaior (not much more than a few houses) signs for the camino direct you back onto a path to Martiñan....

Accommodation in As Paredes - Castromaior



Albergue O Xistral
As Paredes, 35
20 12€
3.50km → Lavacolla
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